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   userfiles/file/photo.JPGView of nest, platform and camera from the ground.


Below is the Nesting Notes, or log, on what is happening at DunedinOspreyCam

5/1/10 - what we commonly see now is an empty nest....which is good news because it means
the fledglings are taking care of themselves. SJ

4/29/10 - We see both fledglings on the nest less and less SJ

4/24/10 - Female fledgling sits on nest while male fledgling checks out camera.SJ

4/21/10 - Brother and sister on the nest SJ

4/20/10 - Fledgling eating breakfast.  Don't know whether fledgling caught fish or parent did.  SJ

4/18/10 - Rainy Sunday morning and an empty nest  SJ

4/17/10 - One of the fledglings has started sitting on the post right in front of the camera!!!!  A real ham!!!
Dave Hall caught this photo    SJ

4/16/10 - It is getting harder and harder to tell fledglings from adults.  Fledglings have speckled backs and wings. 
Lots of moving branches around the nest today.  SJ

4/15/10 - Both fledglings continue to exercise their wings a lot on the nest and off SJ

4/14/2010 - One year ago today we had a terrible storm and at least 5 osprey nests were blown down with many young falling to their deaths.  Today we did have high winds but I haven't heard of anything coming down yet.  BW

4/13/10 - Photo caught by Laura Kay today showing mother feeding young female fledgling.  SJ


4/13/10 - Dave Hall sent picture today indicating that the second chick actually fledged by early Sunday afternoon 4/11/10. SJ

Both fledglings will continue to come back and forth to the nest for about a month.  SJ

4/13/20 - We received a picture from a viewer of an empty nest on Sunday also, now entered above.  We may have even seen a switch prior to that and not realized it.  As mentioned, this take off was perfect, not clumsy at all.  Hopefully she isn't weak from not eating.  Possibly she is eating elsewhere as she looks healthy.  Taking an actual weight or feeling the body is the only way to really know for sure.  Thanks to Dave and Suzanne for the Sunday data!   BW

4/13/2010 - Empty nest.  She took off perfectly just after 8am EST. BW

4/12/10 - Some sad news for Dunedin residents and eagle lovers today.  The eaglet rescued at the Dunedin Bald Eagle nest on Easter Sunday perished today.  The second eaglet  is fine.  The third was on the ground under the nest at 2:15pm today but when flushed lifted off and made it to a perch about 15 feet high.  BW

Suzanne Hall caught this picture on Monday.  Female youngster preparing for another flight!  SJ


4/10/10 - Last year lots of young Ospreys died of emaciation.  This occurs annually to some extent, however that extent has not been scientifcally measured to determine what falls within normal ranges.  Most of the mortality occurred in May and June.  Last June was one of the hottest on record with extremely heavy rains for days at a time.  This coming weather for Dunedin below.  BW

64°F | °C
Current: Clear
Wind: E at 9 mph
Humidity: 73%
Partly Cloudy
81°F | 63°F
Scattered Thunderstorms
79°F | 61°F
Scattered Thunderstorms
78°F | 62°F
Scattered Thunderstorms
75°F | 63°F




4/9/2010 - With all that activity in the nest the materials are getting shifted around quite a bit.  Most platform nests retain some materials during non-nesting season but some do not.  BW

4/8/10 Pretty girl standing tall!  Photo caught by Laura Kay  SJ

4/7/2010 - Hey, aren't these youngsters up past their bedtime? BW

4/6/2010 - One chick has already fledged.  Young ospreys come back to the nest on a regular basis for up to a month as they learn how to fly and strengthen their wings.

4/5/2010 - I saw the young male opsrey make a perfect landing in the nest just before 5pm.  Really great landing for a young bird!   BW

Side Note:  Second eaglet falls from "Hoover's" nest in Dunedin. 

Second Eaglet Falls from Dunedin Eagle Nest: 

Photo at:


Story at:


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imya_kpJEk8

4/5/10 - Apparently the first osprey chick fledged Easter Sunday, 4/5/10, 57 days after it hatched.  The other is still in the nest but looks ready to take off soon. SJ

4/5/2010 - One of the young ospreys, the male,  I think, is getting a good bit of lift under his wings.  To see the story about the Dunedin eagle nest go to http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/wildlife/article1085097.ece.

4/4/2010 - Side Note:  The bald eagle nest in Dunedin, which was the foster nest for 'Hoover' fell early in the morning hours.  One eaglet was rescued first thing this morning and the other two remained in the nest tree which holds only remnants of the former nest.  Everyone at the nest appears to be fine this afternoon, however, the eaglet which was rescued is not doing very well and transit is being arranged to the Audubon Bird of Prey Center in Maitland, Florida.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-SRMIkfjGM

4/3/10 - Ploughboy in Finland made a fabulous slide show of the Dunedin Osprey chicks getting ready to fly.  CLICK HERE to watch SJ

4/3/10 - Kids!  They stayed up late and got up early!  Looks like dad was babysitting. Lots of activity in the nest.  BW

4/2/10  Oldest chick is 55 days old today.  Here is mom and the chicks waiting for dad to bring in a fish. SJ

4/2/10 - 8:33am little brother is sitting up on the edge of the nest just glad to be an osprey, little sister seems a little agitated with him as she lurches forward in a more clumsy fashion.  Don't worry little sister you'll get it soon. BW

3/30/10 - A very sad situation in another part of the county. BW

3/30/10 - The whole family eats breakfast together.  It is beginning to get hard to tell young from adults.  SJ

3/29/10 - Hop, flap, fly!  Both chicks strengthening their wings.  One of them is getting quite a bit of lift with the hop flap maneuver.  First flight is not far off. BW

3/26/10 - Chicks feeding themselves a lot now when fish is brought to nest.  SJ

3/24/10 - Bigger every day!!!  Photo by Laura Kay.  SJ

3/22/10 - Breakfast.  Female is still feeding chicks herself, but more and more they are eating on their own. SJ

3/20/10 - oldest chick is 35 days old today.  They will fledge at the end of March or first of April

3/18/10 - Banding complete!  Check out pictures under Banding Ospreys

3/18/2010 - The Osprey chicks will be banded soon.  If you see a human being at the nest this week it is a biologist and federal bander. The parents are likely to be a little bit upset about our activity.  Some people think that if a human touches a baby bird that it leaves a scent that the parents do not like and that the young will be abandoned.  Birds don't have a very good sense of smell, their eyesight is their super power!  Ospreys are very good parents and will tend to their young.  A video and photographs of the banding will be posted.  BW

3/17/10 - Chicks stretch their wings more and more to strengthen them.  Photo by LauraKay

3/16/10 - Chicks are much large but their camouflage pin feathers make them difficult to see. SJ


3/14/2010 - A nice sunny day!  Finally.  I hope the big fish are plentiful.  There are lots of hungry raptor beaks to feed.  We are reaching the height of the season with intense osprey activity throughout the county.  If possible we will band the osprey chicks this week. BW

62°F | °C
Current: Sunny
Wind: W at 8 mph
Humidity: 62%
Partly Cloudy
68°F | 56°F
Partly Cloudy
66°F | 49°F
Mostly Cloudy
66°F | 51°F
Partly Cloudy
65°F | 49°F




3/14/10 - The chicks have a visitor while Mom is away from the nest for awhile. SJ

3/12/10 - a very rainy, stormy day in Dunedin.  Mom protects the chicks from the rain and wind  SJ

3/11/10 - How Ploughman in Finland watches golf on-line! SJ

3/10/10 - Sparky, my friends down in Broward are VOTING on names for eaglets down there.  Maybe our osprey fans can give them a hand.  CLICK HERE to vote for names for the Broward County Eagles! BW

3/10/10 Exercise picture by Ploughman in Finland  SJ

3/9/10 -  The osprey chicks are huge!  Hi Willow! BW

3/9/10 - Lots of wing flapping by the chicks today  SJ

3/8/10 - The weather is finally going to be warm for the rest of the week - back to normal Florida weather.  Should be great for the chicks who are growing so fast!!!
Hi to Willow who is a great Osprey fan!!!  SJ

3/7/10 - 6:27am - the whole family is in the nest. It's wake up time! The adults poke around and stretch their wings. The osprey chicks stretch their wings too, copying the movements of their parents. BW

3/6/2010 - Today was a beautiful day in Dunedin.  Warm sun, cool breeze, lots of birds, lots of raptor activity.  The chicks are easily observed from the ground and the eye stripes on the young are quite evident.  Check the Osprey Photos to see how the nest looks from the putting green.  We saw a total of 5 Bald Eagles at Honeymoon Island State Park today.  The Osprey Trail at Honeymoon Island State Park has 27 Osprey nests! Walking along that trail with Ospreys soaring overhead the whole way is an amazing wildlife experience. Osprey vocalizations and Bald Eagles for that matter, are pleasant, not screechy, shrieky or shrill.  BW

3/6/10 - The chicks are growing so fast!!!  SJ


3/5/10 - Around 9:12am a little activity in the nest, both young and one parent, then a large shadow went over the young as the other parent landed to check the young.  Perch got good use, what a great place to jump off of when one learns to fly!  At one point the maternal parent lifted off went up about a foot and then 'drifted' back down. Was this and early hopping lesson?  Remember, hop, flap, fly!   Around 10:49am it appeared as if the maternal parent was falling asleep standing up.  I've seen bald eagles do this when they have young in the nest too.  From what I've seen they do their best to keep watch at night too.  Along with opsreys and bald eagles, Dunedin has large owls too. BW

3/4/10 - The osprey chicks are beginning to show some mottling and wing flapping.  They develop very quickly.  The winds are still pretty strong. BW

52°F | °C
Current: Sunny
Wind: NW at 19 mph
Humidity: 45%
56°F | 40°F
61°F | 40°F
64°F | 43°F
67°F | 46°F




3/3/10 - The ospreys had company yesterday!

3/3/10 - The osprey family is holding up very well so far under very windy conditions. Sometimes young chicks can be blown out of the nest. Adults can also sustain wing injuries or collisions in high winds.  For rescue of injured birds in Pinellas County call Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary at 727-391-6211. BW

3/2/10 - Starlings and crows are pilfering from the nest.  The maternal parent shows protective behavior towards the young chicks. They are getting very big!  More cold weather on the way!  High risk osprey nest checks will take place  today due to high winds last night.  BW

3/2/10 - got warm enough today that parents left chicks unattended for a short period of time  SJ

63°F | °C
Current: Cloudy
Wind: SW at 15 mph
Humidity: 85%
67°F | 47°F
56°F | 43°F
57°F | 40°F
58°F | 40°F




3/1/10  Nice breakfast picture caugh by Ploughman  SJ

2/28/10 Breakfast on a bright sunny morning SJ


2/27/10 - It seems that only two chicks survived the recent cold weather.  Both of them
seem very strong and health.  SJ

2/26/10 - very cold night in the lower 30s.  Can only see two chicks at a.m. feeding SJ

2/25/10 - Check out YouTube video made by Ploughboy of feeding this a.m..  Notice that the little chick is pushing himself up front to get food!!

2/24/10 - The camera is back up after a couple of days. Scott Falcon of Dunedin IT and Art Finn and Paul Sylvester of Parks and Recreation repaired some issues with cables.  Thank you gentleman!!!!!
Both parents and all three chicks seem fine. SJ

2/22/2010 -9am all three chicks still hanging in there.  Sibling rivarly taking place between the largest and the smallest. The nest is very active.  A couple of small birds are stealing nesting materials.  Didn't get a close enough look for an identification.  Could be anything from a house sparrow to a mockingbird.  They were both grabbing at fine/loose nesting materials.  9:15am all three little ones being fed by both parents. BW

2/20/2010 - All three chicks thriving, although the little one didn't seem to get fed at the 10:40 feeding.  The power outage will be fixed soon.  Better and better views of the chicks coming! BW


2/19/10 - Dinner at 5 for 3 please. Everything looks okay this evening. Little one is very little.  BW

2/18/10 - 6:38am both parents in the nest.  8:05am feeding time.  All three chicks still survive, smallest was fed. BW

2/17/10 - Oldest chick is 11 days old today!   The two older chicks seem to be
bullying the youngest one......SJ

2/16/10 - Another very cold night ahead!  The osprey chicks grow very fast.  BW

2/15/10 Ploughboy in Finland took the picture below at 7:16 a.m.  The
chicks made it through a night in the 30's. SJ

2/!4/10 Cold 40o night.  All three chick fed on cold fish father brought
them for Valentine's Day.  All look healthy.  The youngest one is
significantly smaller SJ

2/13/10 - Everybody made it through a very cold night after an awful
storm yesterday.  Male brought in a large, LIVE fish.  He was later than
normal but all three chicks had plenty to eat, but it was scary seeing the
fish flop around in the nest!
CLICK HERE to see slide show made by Ploughboy, a member of
Bird Cams Around the World. SJ

2/12/10 - We had a vicious cold, driving rain storm this afternoon. 
The female osprey was hunkered down over the chicks with her head tucked under her wing.  At 4:00 p.m. when the storm quieted down,
the male came in with a fish to feed the chicks.  Could only see two young.....SJ

2/12/10 - cold, cold day with rain coming.  Dad did a great job though,
bringing in a huge fish at 8:30 a.m.  SJ


2/11/10 - It is confirmed that we have three hatched chicks!!! 
Ploughman in Finland made a YouTube slide show.  CLICK HERE to see.

It was very cold last night, but the three chicks made it through fine and had a big breakfast!!


2/10/10 - 6:47pm, very cold and very, very windy.  A tough night for our friends. BW

2/10/10 - LC reports that there are 3 chicks in the nest! BW

2/10/10 -  The wind was blowing hard all night and we are still having gusts around 34 mph.  Nest checks today to see how some of the osprey in the area are doing. BW

47°F | °C
Current: Sunny
Wind: N at 21 mph
Humidity: 60%
51°F | 38°F
Partly Cloudy
57°F | 42°F
54°F | 41°F
Partly Cloudy
57°F | 40°F




2/9/10 -More freezing weather on the way.  Mother osprey needs to keep the chicks warm until the chicks can regulate their own temperature. BW

2/8/  Had technical problems this morning but everything is back up and running again.  We now have two chicks hatched!!!!  Ploughman made a great slide show of the two youngsters being fed.  CLICK HERE to see.SJ

2/7/10 - First confirmed hatching today!!!!
See YouTube video made by Ploughboy in Finland a member of the Bird Cams Around the World Forum.  CLICK HERE for his great video! of both parents feeding the new chick. SJ

2/6/10 -  Forecast for this week below.  We heard  from an experienced observer that there was a hatch at 5:18pm.   Here is the report from LC, "I'm very sure you had a hatch. At 5:18 mom did a poop and then moved a 1/2 shell to left end of the nest bowl." BW

56°F | °C
Current: Cloudy
Wind: NW at 16 mph
Humidity: 74%
64°F | 43°F
58°F | 40°F
Partly Cloudy
68°F | 51°F
Partly Cloudy
69°F | 50°F




 2/5/10 - Incubation Day 38.  Wow, these chicks could hatch anytime now! The parents will still need to keep the chicks warms until they can regulate their own body temperature. BW

2/3/10 Incubation day 36.  Weather for today - clear, sunny, high 68oF/20oC SJ
local news press conference.  CLICK HERE to watch Fox News Coverage

2/2/10 - This is one of the earliest nests in the county.  We have other nests incubating and other groups of ospreys just returning,  nest building and mating. Most likely there is a split between resident ospreys and migrating ospreys. Osprey migration varies with latitude.  Fish kills continue to be a concern.  When dead fish are not removed and dissolve in the water an algae bloom can occur.  Algae blooms deplete the water of oxygen and cause further degradation of water quality. Volunteers are attempting to clean up the waterways.  BW

2/2/10 All seems quiet on the nest before sunrise. Weather should be drier and warmer today.  This is 35th day after the first egg was laid so we can seriously start looking for eggs to start hatching this week SJ

2/1/10 Female sitting quietly on the nest this a.m.  Today is going to be 65oF/18oC today with showers. SJ

1/31/10 - 56oF/13oC at 8:00 a.m.  The female is nestled down on the eggs while the male pushes sticks around.  After the male takes off, the females rolls the eggs around. SJ

 1/30/10 - Day 32  Another breezy, but warm Florida day.  It is 69 degrees at 9:00 a.m.  Chance of rain 60%.  As always, the mother is vigilent of what is happening around her. SJ

1/29/10 -  Day 31.  Early this morning the mother turned the eggs and she also turned to face the camera directly. Right before 7am the darkness began to lift.  Sunrise at 7:20am.  It looks like another beautiful day in Dunedin, Florida. She began calling for her mate at 7:02am BW

1/28/10 - Day 30.  Cool nights, warm afternoons in Pinellas County.  The cam pair of ospreys are among the earliest nesters in the county.  While they near hatching other pairs in Pinellas are still nest building and mating.  Some nesting sites are shuffling around, particularly in the northern portion of the county.  A storm on April 14th of 2009 took down multiple nests, including some nesting trees. Those pairs are still shopping for real estate in some cases.  BW

1/27/10 - Today winds are NE at 12 mph, it is sunny and 51 degrees in Dunedin, Florida.  The anticipation is building as this is day 2

1/25/10, 2:30pm - The wind is really strong and it has been blowing hard for quite awhile now. I can see her wings being lifted up from around her body.  Winds are NW at 22mph.  It is 66 degrees and sunny. 

1/25/10 - Incubation continues.  Day 27. Hatching soon!  Storms continue and it is very windy today. BW

1/16/10 - Incubaion lasts 35 - 42 days.  We have a small window so we would expect hatching to take place between February 2th and 9th. Today would be Day 18 if they started on 12/30/09. BW

1/09/10 - it has been confirmed that there are three eggs.  Picture sent from a gentleman in Finland-SJ






1/7/10 -  It has been very cold here for some time and will be into the future.  The Osprey couple seem to be doing okay.  They were turning the eggs and switching places.  Hope the egg(s) are okay too.  It is going to be hard to document if they do in fact have eggs #2 and 3.  If anybody sees or takes a picture of more than one egg, please let us know. SJ

1/4/10 - They are still hunkering down to our remarkably cold weather. BW

1/3/10 - The nest was built up on the south side burying the incubating Ospreys and the eggs a little deeper down into the nest cup.  The build up also shadows the lights from the south making things  darker on the north side of the platform.

12/30 - Observers have noticed the pair spending much more time at the nest over the last week, particularly the female, which is typical behavior for large raptors just before egg laying.  This morning the female is settled in ng in the incubation position.    2-3 eggs may be laid over a period of several days. BW

12/5/09 - The Ospreys have increased their presence at the nest.  On 12/5 they mated at the nest.  Additional mating may occur nearby multiple times.  Hopefully we will see eggs soon. SJ 

11/18/09 - Activity at the nest really picked up around October 31st which was noted last year as well.  Both of the Ospreys have been spotted on the cam on a regular basis, particularly early in the morning.  They have spent time bringing in nesting materials and arranging nesting materials.  The nest is larger than it was just a month ago. BW 

9/14/09 - observers got their first peek at an osprey using the perch. BW 

In late August and early September a Loggerhead Shrike has been seen at the nest frequently.  Crows have also been spotted using the perch. BW


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